"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day


Thinking Bloggers.

As I've had the honor of being awarded a Thinking Blogger Award (Thanks JTB!), I do believe I'm supposed to award some myself. But I can't give one to JTB, but I certainly would for her brilliance, but also for the occasional picture of the beautiful Clare. So here it goes....

(1) Joe of Brooklyn and Beyond. It is a part of my morning routine. It is updates on my beloved church. It is sorrow and now joy unimaginable.

(2) Nathan of Someone Like Me Too. Because he's...well...my best friend. Because he has many important things to say, that only he can say. And because he made fun of my blog for months.

(3) Matt of Liberal Jesus. A childhood friend with a very impressive grasp on many things theological.

(4) Minority Report (it's Anonymous...but we know who writes it). An interesting look at the media's relationship to People of Color.

(5) And the greatest of all the blogs....Go Fug Yourself. For giving me something to do at work, and inspiring my friend Brian to spend me pictures of men who make their own shorts (see above).

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