"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day


Reunited (2).

Last night I had a dream about my high school reunion that again confirmed that I probably should sit this one out. In the dream, my best friend (who didn't go to high school with me) and I decided to go to this very large mental health clinic for some sort of community support group. Support from/for what I don't know. And then Nathan was suddenly gone and I was there alone and people I knew in high school kept popping up. I was like "What are all of you doing here...at this mental health place...in Brooklyn?" And they were apalled that I didn't know that this was our high school reunion. I spoke with people who I have not seen or thought about probably since high school graduation, and knew an amazingly lot about their lives. And then my 2nd grade best friend, Heather, who I also went to high school with, walks in with her mother (who was the ultimate band mom, and who used to let me spend the night at their house on Fridays in the 2nd grade). I was really excited to see them since this was a friendship I always valued a great deal. And then her mother starts yelling at me about how I'm responsible for all of the troubles they've had, though I've seen or spoken to none of them since Heather's wedding in 2000. It was just as confusing in the dream as it is now upon waking. That's some serious reunion anxiety rearing it's ugly head.

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JTB said...

Hmmm...and I was checking in specifically to retract my last comment re reunion skipping...in the last couple weeks I've been enjoying a very random e-reunion with some high school people I haven't seen since 1994 (yes! you may now calculate my age, all those who read Casey's blog!). So I've been rethinking my former automatic un-reunitive stance...but perhaps you should hold out for an e-reunion instead?