"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day



I have come to believe that it is the 6th month of winter that gives NYC its reputation for rudeness. We're cold for so much longer than should ever occur, and are taunted by days, like today, when it is sunny outside and looks like it should be July, thus resulting in a foul mood lasting through about mid-May. Yesterday, I made the mistake of going to the 34th street post office, and then trying to kill sometime in that area. This is my least favorite area of the City, recently surpassing Canal Street. In a period of 15 minutes, I was directly, deliberately elbowed out of the way and then called a "dumb bitch" for the fact that I was walking on that particular stretch of sidewalk and did not jump into oncoming traffic to avoid the woman walking down the street eating a whole chicken. Oh, New York....how we love you.


nathansethjones said...

That's a great New York story. This isn't your first encounter with someone near you eating a whole chicken, right?

Little Light said...

I hate that neighborhood too. At one end you've got all the bridge and tunnel people who come into the city specifically to hang out around 34th Street or Times Square just milling about looking for a movie theater or a Ruby Tuesdays or a Forever 21 to go to. Then you've got the drunken people coming from MSG making their way to the LIRR (or vice versa). Once I was meeting a friend in that area (his bad idea) and I encountered some guy who started masturbating - to me (he was staring at me, at least) and when I walked away, he followed me! I was on the phone with my friend complaining about meeting him in that neighborhood and he just laughed and told me to wait in a bar.