"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day


Texas, Our Texas.

Today marks the 171st anniversary of Texas' Independence. And though we were only a country for 9 years, it bears celebrating. I remember when I was in the first grade celebrating Texas' Sesquicentennial, and my sister being a play in which she dressed as a Native American, wearing clothes and headress made of papersack. So in honor of this auspicious day, and of the state I had no love for until I left it, I bring you a survey. Anyone who has ever lived, or longed to live in our state may fill it out and post in the comments section, though I've just realized that this is really long.

1. First of all, where in Texas do (did) you live? Denton, Perryton, Corpus Christi, Austin
2. Where's your favorite place to chill in Texas? Downtown A-Tex.
3. Have you ever been on a boat in Lake Travis? I have, on an ill-fated graduation cruise.
4. Do you go camping? Did back in the scout days, but now I am all City.
5. Do you ever use the word "y'all"? I do. It's my tell.
6. Have you ever owned a truck? No, but I've driven one for like a day.
7. Have you ever had heat exhaustion? Probably during summer band, or while walking to class at UT.
8. How many "Texas snows" have you witnessed? Many when I was a small child.
9. Do you prefer the Spurs or the Mavs? I don't care so much about either.
10. Do you like the city or the country? I am entirely City. I break out in hives the instant I leave the city limits.
11. Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk? No, but I have hidden in a cabin from one.
12. Have you ever run over an armadillo? No, but I've been in a car where one was run over, though that is currently being disputed.
13. Have you ever been to a Cowboys game? No.
14. Have you ever been to a Stars or an Icebats game? Icebats...it was really cold in there.
15. What's your favorite Mexican food restaurant? Trudy's in Austin, by far.
16. Have you ever drank Shiner beer? No.
17. Have you ever been on a hayride? I have and I think I sneezed the entire time.
18. Have you ever ridden a horse? No, I'm allergic.
19. Were you in 4-H or FFA? No, but I did get days off from school because everyone else was.
20. Which place in Texas has the best scenery/view? Turning the corner from 290 to 360 in South Austin.
21. Which grocery store do you shop? HEB on Red River, or Whole Foods of course.
22. Have you ever partied in a barn? No, but I'm sure I missed many a barn party in high school.
23. Have you ever partied in a pasture? No, same as above.
24. Do you like keg beer? Not particularly.
25. Are you Baptist? Nope, B&RCsquared (that's born and raised Church of Christ).
26. Have you ever been swimming in a river or creek? Many, many times, though I probably complained about it the entire time.
27. How many presidents do you know lived in Texas? The two Bushes (though they're not really from Texas) and LBJ.
28. Have you ever been on the Comal River? I have, on many a Girl Scout trip.
29. Is/was your school big? High school was medium sized; College the biggest.
30. How many times have you been to Houston? Probably 10. I am not a fan.
31. Do you know the words to the Texas State Song? I certainly do. I've played and sung it many, many times.
32. Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? No, that's cruel.
33. Have you ever been to the rodeo? Once in Austin, and we took our Finnish friend. That was some serious culture shock.
34. Do you own a cowboy hat? Sadly no, but I'm in the market.


J. Brent Bates said...

I'll be selective:
1) Garland, Carrollton, Abilene
5) Not after living in NJ for 3 1/2 years
6) NO, but I learned to drive on my dad's beat up old Chevy with the 3-speed stick shift on the steering column; the same truck that when my dad was once turning a corner, the door flung open with me hanging on to the door for my life...
9) I have no interest in sports teams, even those from Texas
10) The suburbs are probably why I don't like living in Texas all that much
13) Yes, the only pro football game I've ever been to, Cowboys vs. Eagles
15) Herrera's in Farmers Branch; fyi: they still speak Spanish THERE
17) Many: Hayrides were the favorite pasttime of the social clubs at Harding in ARKANSAS
21) "Krogers;" make sure you have the "s" if you say it in Texas
25) "Raised" CofC; "born-again" Episcopalian :)
26) The Rio Frio
29) 500+ in graduating class
30) Way too many
31) I can't believe I can still remember it...
34) Ha!

Sorry, I'm not quite as enthusiastic... But it was fun anyway

jch said...

I, too, will be selective

1) Brownfield, Tahoka, College Station, Abilene, Houston, Lubbock, Ft. Worth, Hill Country
2) my mom/dad's backyard

4) yes, I've camped in TX but it's too damn hot
5) once upon a time i said "y'all" but gave it up for "you guys"

10) city but appreciate country life

15) Papositos

22) partied in a barn? that's all there is in Tahoka!
23) and when we finished in the barn, we went out to the pasture!

29) graduated w/24 other kids