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The Talk Shows in My Head.

I, because of six years spent in pursuit of higher education and two years of intermittent employment, have a vast knowledge and great love/hate for talk shows. Morning, noon and night--I've been sucked into them all. Because I am employed now, I only get to watch Good Morning America and it is frequently the reason I'm running late. Yesterday, it was the fact that the middle sister on Full House was being treated for meth addiction. Today, it was Pat Robertson. Oh, Pat Robertson.

Because of my vast talk show knowledge, I do believe I could have one of my own. I oftentimes have a talk show going on in my head. I have my favorite authors on so they can know how much I enjoyed and was moved by their latest work. I have Vince Vaughn, Adrien Brody and Angelina Jolie on weekly, just to hang out. But one of my most frequent guests is Pat Robertson. I ask him, "Pat, why is it that you believe a person's sexuality can affect the weather? Hurricanes are no one's fault." "Pat, do you really think it appropriate to call for the assassination of a world leader? Sure he's got different ideas than you, but come on." As I mentioned before, Pat was on Good Morning America today. Robin Roberts (in for Charlie Gibson) asked him about his often inflammatory comments. His excuse was that on his show, his producers give him topics and he is asked to editorialize. And as he's a passionate guy, he sometimes says things that he shouldn't. He was apparently kept from inappropriateness this morning by a GMA producer whispering in his ear.

I understand passionate debate. I, myself, have probably said many things that I should not have in the middle of a heated conversation. But I, no matter how much I may want it, do not have a talk show. Millions of people, however misguided, do not tune in weekly to hear what I have to say. I am not representing a religion. I do not have an influence on millions of people, however misguided.

And don't worry. Pat's not the only controversial figure I have on my show. Kanye West is also there alot.

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JTB said...

If you ever host Pat R. and Kanye at the same time, please let us in on what happens. I'd love to join the audience for that one.