"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day


So it's that time again. It's AIDS Walk time. And again this year, I'm walking with my amazing friends at Christ's Church for Brooklyn.

When I set out to be a social worker, it was because I wanted to work with people living with AIDS. It took me a long time to pin down the reason why I was moved to do this. But now, some 7 years later (if you count the pre-New York volunteering days), it's clear to me that it is the scale and scope of this thing. AIDS never should've happened. If the first people affected by AIDS had been upper or middle class, heterosexual, white Americans, it never would've been allowed to get so far before a movement was made to stop it. If ground zero hadn't been a place already so abused by colonialism and greed. If in the United States, it had decimated populations other than those already marginalized and voiceless.

So now what? Now, it is time to move. Now, it is time for justice, and for everyone to be taken care of as they should've been long ago. It is time for us to stand up. To speak out. And on May 18th, to come together and walk. Please join us.


nathansethjones said...

Preach on!

JTB said...

I'm proud to announce that Clare has already raised 100% of her (our) fundraising goal this year, twice what it was last year! We'll be sending thank yous to people individually but...CCfB rocks! and so do grandparents!

JTB said...

correction: almost twice our stated goal! wow!