"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day


Drinking the Kool-Aid.

So, as you can probably guess from my posting of multiple Obama media/art pieces, I've got the fever. I cannot express my excitement at the prospect of Barack Obama having any chance of becoming our next president. Though I haven't spoken to many of them, I've been telepathically influencing the votes of my Texan friends, sending them 'Yes, We Can. Yes, We Can.' chants. And so far, they have not disappointed. People I never expected to depart from the Right, simply because they've always rested there, have indeed done so.

I was reading back on some of my previous posts about war and politics, using the little tag thingys at the bottom, and I came upon one I wrote last November about Bobby Kennedy, and his speech
The Mindless Menace of Violence. In this post, I mused about the hope and potential that Bobby Kennedy held in his hands, and wondered if this would ever happen for my generation. I believe that it has. I'm hoping for an audacious hope to reign. For our want for a better world to overpower our need for dominance, and the drives of capitalist culture. I guess, we shall see....


JTB said...

after last night...it's time to watch the Clare video again. and again. and again.

mad, but not hopeless!

Casey. said...

According to the Obama people, who Facebook messaged me, the losses last night were merely a symbolic triumph. Obama gained 183 delegates to Clinton's 187. But I am, once again, disappointed in Ohio and Texas (though I am proud of my Texans).

JTB said...

You drank the Kool-Aid...I sipped the latte. :)