"Love is a harsh and dreadful thing to ask of us, but it is the only answer."--Dorothy Day



I have recently met someone who does not have a cellphone, only checks his e-mail like once a week. I know, it's shocking, especially in NYC. This person and I have been trying make plans for I think three weeks now, but have succeeded in missing each other probably twice daily during this time. And this has made me realize (that and the days I forget my phone at home) just how terrifically dependent my life is on technology. At one point, I had two phones, a pager, a blog and like 4 active e-mail addresses. It's simply out of control. But it also means that I am in fairly constant contact with most everyone I know. There's the friend with whom I have bi-weekly dinner dates. On the morning of, one of us will e-mail the other, discussing the prospect of dinner. Then the other will e-mail with a yes or no, and some possible locations. Then the other will e-mail these possible locations narrowed down, or added to. And this goes on for much of the day, until we have come to a decision. Because of cellphones, I am in constant contact with any number of friends who live thousands of miles away. It just takes a convenient call when on your way to or from somewhere to update on the week's (or day's, depending on who they are) happenings. It's great. Sometimes it's a quick call to tell me about the song that's on the radio. It's happened many times and I love it. I am someone who longs for connection to people, and this is the perfect time for someone such as myself. Text messages, e-mails, phone calls...all so convenient. As for this new friend, I don't know that it's going to work out, simply for the fact that I can never get in touch with him. It's a very 21st century, bourgeoise reason for a relationship to end.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good enough reason to end a relationship to me. ;) If you remember from last night, I once gave my bf an ultimatum that we see each other soon, or the relationship ends...and we were at least talking on the phone once or twice a week! Oh, and I am glad we have email too!