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To Tell The Truth.

In reading the blog of a friend, I first learned of the controversy surrounding ABC's mini-series The Path to 9/11. And then I got an e-mail from another friend with a link to a petition to put a stop to this. In reading all of these sites, I am, I don't know that there is a strong enough word but I'll say, apalled that people would think to slant the truth in such a way. I know it's weird, but I have a lot of problems with any dramatic portrayal of tragedy. I don't know that there is ever a way to do this with the sensitivity and care that it requires to not cause the families of those affected any further pain. My feelings about 9/11 can in no way compare to someone who was in NYC when it happened, or to someone who lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy, but I am dumbfounded that people would even perceive to profit off of such a thing. I do not believe it's healthy to force people to relive that day over and over and over again. We do not need to continue placing blame. This was a horrible tragedy. I feel like movie after movie after movie being made about it does nothing but raise questions in the minds of people attempting to move on. Not to forget, but just to move on.

When I first read this I was tempted to watch this thing as I kinda like to be outraged. But I think this is more important than that. I'm sure the ratings will be huge, as we cannot turn away from a tragedy, but I implore you not to add a number to this.


Peabo said...

Those Disney bastards won't get away with this !!!!

Good to see the Democratic right on top of pivotal happenings in an election year.

I just knew I could hear Karl Roves subtle subliminal teachings the last time I saw Aladin.

I think the nation could use a bit of reflection right now. It has been 5 years, I think that is sufficient grieving period for all involved. It won't hurt to reflect on that day and how it has changed so much for us in some ways, and changed so little in others. History generally rewards those who are wise enough to remember these types of "turning point" moments in the life of a nation, and discuss their causes, their consequences and the best road forward.

I have a feeling neither party will lose any votes because of this.

But then again, I just got finished watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and all of a sudden I find myself hating Democrats.


Missed you this weekend Casey, we'll get you next time.

Casey said...

I'm not saying that all Disney movies are laden with propaganda, or even that ABC is all bad. I love Grey's Anatomy as much as the next person. I don't even believe that this movie will have an effect on the upcoming elections. I just believe this to be in bad taste. I don't really think it necessary to make a movie about any national tragedy. I think it's disrespectful and a bit exploitative to profit off of the loss of thousands of people. And with 9/11 in particular, we all watched every second of it unfold on television. I don't think we need another movie to help us remember what happened.

JTB said...

How odd. United 93 came from Netflix yesterday and I just finished reluctantly watching it. I feel much of the same uneasiness about the process of portraying this kind of national tragedy in film. My discomfort peaked during the scene where the hijackers were praying to Allah while various passengers were whispering the Lord's Prayer into their cell phones. I don't think such a portrayal is inspiring, healing, or even cathartic...instead it seems to aim at making us feel even more threatened and desperate than GW's press conferences while pretending to be a simple message of solidarity.